Splinter Workshop

Woodwork Classes in Sydney


Our classes focus on the development of hand skills and on the proper use of hand tools. As much as possible, the frenetic scream of routers and table saws, and their associated risk, is replaced by the whisper of planes and hand saws and the projects are designed with this in mind. Of course, projects will take a little longer, but your reward will be a greater sense of achievement, and skills to be proud of.

Nevertheless, understanding the use of machines such as the planer, thicknesser and table saw is an important part of a complete woodworking experience and it is difficult to avoid them entirely. So this important aspect of woodwork is not neglected and you will be provided with careful structured tuition in the safe use of the static machines when needed.

Our aim is to provide a relaxed atmosphere where you can enjoy your woodwork and work at your own pace. By focussing on hand tools we are reducing the potential of serious injury associated with the use of the static machines and providing you with skills that you can use in your home workshop.


Splinter Workshop is absolutely committed to providing a safe work environment for its members, students and visitors. Every student is taken through a safety induction process at the first class and we are constantly developing our Safe Operating Procedures. All of the machines that the students use are equipped with appropriate guards and are maintained to a professional standard. We develop all of our machining processes with a view to minimising risk of injury through the incorporation of specialised jigs, aids such as feather boards and push sticks, and custom made guards.

Splinter Workshop Inc.

Splinter Workshop is an incorporated association of independent designer/makers. Our members share a passion for design and woodwork and, since its formation in 1996, Splinter has remained committed to promoting the craft of fine woodwork by assisting students and volunteer organisations, providing work experience, and hosting student tours and open days. The introduction of woodwork classes is another way to promote and preserve the skills of the craft.


Our workshop is a great venue for woodwork classes. It is located in the Inner West with access to free parking and is just a five minute walk from Sydenham railway station.


As well as a comprehensively equipped machine room we have an extensive and expanding array of high quality hand tools, all finely tuned. Many are hand made by Paul including dove tail saws, marking gauges, mallets, diagonal gauges, dovetail markers, grooving planes and others. Every student is provided with ample bench space and their own professional quality vise. There is also a large assembly table and storage space for student projects.

The professional-standard static machines are located in a separate room behind near-soundproof double doors, providing a quiet and relaxed atmosphere in the work bench area. The machine room is equipped with a centralized, fully ducted, clean-air dust extraction system by Felder. This state-of-the-art system removes a much higher percentage of the finer, and more hazardous, dust particles than conventional polyester felt bag type extractors.