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Woodwork Classes in Sydney

Short Courses

Short courses are held throughout the year and are typically based on a particular technique or project. They  focus on the use of hand tools and the development of hand skills and they are suitable for beginner and intermediate level woodworkers.  All tools, materials and safety equipment are supplied.  Hours are 10:00 am to 5:00 pm.

To enquire about any of these courses or to secure a place:

  •  Phone Paul on 0430 032 767
  •  Email Paul


Enrolments are now being taken for the following courses:


A Slice of Woodwork

The project for this course is a serving tray with pinned mitre joints,  a floating panel base and hand made handles. Techniques covered include marking out, planing edge joints, mitres, grooves, rebates and bevels, drilling, assembly, sanding and finishing.


  • 2019       Sep 24, 25 & 26                             (Tue, Wed & Thu)             Cost:  $770

Planes, Planes and Spokeshaves

The project for this course is a bread board and the focus is on the use of a variety of handplanes, spokeshaves and rasps.  You will learn how to flatten and straighten timber accurately, how to join boards together to make a wider board and how to form curves using shaping tools.  There will be a detailed discussion about how planes work, the components of a plane, adjustment, tuning and maintenance.  We will also talk about grain direction and the structure of wood and how this effects plane performance.  


  • 2019      Jul 28, Aug 4 & Aug 11                     (3 Sundays)                Cost: $825


Fancy a Joint

There is no specific project for this course. Instead you will be making a series of joints commonly used in cabinetry and box making.  The techniques covered include dovetail, halving, mortise and tenon, box mitre, frame mitre, pinned rebate and edge joints. All of these joints will be made entirely with hand tools.


  • 2019      Apr 9, 10 & 11                                (Tue, Wed & Thu)         Cost:  $770  FULL
  • 2019      Oct 27, Nov 3 & Nov 10                 (3 Sundays)                  Cost:  $825

Spoon Carving With Brad Van Luyt

The spoon is a fundamental utensil. We eat our first solid meal off a spoon and often eat our last meal off a spoon. This is true most days and also for our lives as a whole. Spoon carving is a three dimensional  introduction into the world of green woodworking. Working with axe, knife and spoon hook we can turn a small billet of sopping wet fresh green timber into a usable and durable utensil. No machines, no benches, no sawdust, no splinters. Just a green stick and a handful of tools.   Spoon carving is also a wonderfully intense way to learn about grain direction, knowledge vital for any woodworker. We will start with a log and you will finish the day with at least one spoon to become an heirloom of the future. This one day workshop will teach you the basics of spoons carving and green-woodworking and start you on the slippery slope down into spoonmaking madness. You’ll never look at a tree branch in the same way again.  


  • 2019       August 19                                 (Monday)                       Cost: $250